Killing Eve

ZoŽ appears in the second series of this darkly comic drama about the cat-and-mouse game between an intelligence agent and notorious assassin. Episodes are currently airing on BBC America.


Sky's epic drama about the Romans invading ancient Britain, starring ZoŽ as vengeful Queen Antedia, returns for a second series this autumn.


ZoŽ to appear in Killing Eve, BBC Americaís smash-hit drama

22 April 2019 18:06

BBC Americaís Killing Eve recently returned for a second series of murder, tension and high-fashion. And as the broadcaster's brand new trailer for episode four, ĎDesperate Timesí, reveals, ZoŽ is set to appear in one of the biggest TV dramas in the world.

You probably donít need me to tell you that Killing Eve features insightful intelligence agent Eve Polastri and notorious assassin Villanelle. Theyíre engaged in a dangerous cat-and-mouse game, each increasingly obsessed with the other.

As far as Iím aware, no details about Zoeís role have so far been made public (and she isnít named, as yet, in the IMDbís cast list for the show). The glimpse we see in the trailer suggests she could be playing a senior British intelligence official... What do you think? In any case, itíll be fascinating to see how ZoŽ's character fits into the compelling world, dramatic and darkly comic by turns, of runaway success Killing Eve.

ĎDesperate Timesí premieres in the US next Sunday, 28 April, at 8 pm Eastern time/7 pm Central time. The show is also available to download or stream (see BBC America's 'where to watch' guide.)

Zoeís fans in the UK (like me!) have longer to wait, as a release date for series two here hasnít yet been announced by the BBC. All we know at the moment is that it won't be shown until after the last episode airs in the US on 26 May. So no spoilers, please! ;-)

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ĎItís time to lose controlí: Britannia series two trailer

14 April 2019 22:56

Ready for your first glimpse of ZoŽís Queen Antedia in Britannia series two? This trailer has just been released by Sky Atlantic Ė and itís a corker!

ĎItís time to lose controlí Ė thatís the second seriesí tagline, suggesting we can expect even more chaos and excitement second time around from Jez Butterworthís epic drama about the Romans invading ancient Britain.

Losing control, in another sense, is exactly what happened to Antedia in the first series. We last saw her imprisoned and alone, and she doesnít appear to be faring much better now. (As Digital Spy puts it, 'Antedia is still chilling in the dungeon'!) Will she claw her way back to power in series two? Or has she lost too much to have any hope of recovery?

The trailer confirms the Radio Timesí suggestion that Britannia is set to return to our screens this autumn. So thereís still quite some time to go before we can learn Antediaís fate during the course of ten thrilling episodes. But as the saying goes, good things come to those who wait.

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ZoŽ chosen again as the voice of the Olivier Awards, to the delight of theatre fans

8 April 2019 20:45

On 7 April, the Olivier Awards took place at Londonís Royal Albert Hall, celebrating UK theatrical achievements from the past twelve months. For the fourth consecutive year, ZoŽ was chosen to provide the voiceover for the prestigious ceremony, and her return delighted theatre lovers.

If youíd like to hear ZoŽís velvety voiceover for yourself, you can watch highlights from the Olivier Awards on the ITV Hub (in the UK) for a limited time. Another option is to listen to Magic Radioís Oliviers coverage (the ceremony itself begins about 1 hour and 5 minutes into the programme).

While ZoŽ didnít appear at this yearís ceremony, hereís a reminder of her show-stopping dress from the 2017 Olivier Awards.

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The face of our delightful voiceover, Zoe Wanamaker! \ud83d\udcf8 @darrenphotog #olivierawards #theatre #london #backstage

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ZoŽ backs She Grows appeal, Ďan amazing opportunity to help womení in Africa

8 April 2019 19:41

If you heard ZoŽís Radio 4 fundraising appeal for TREE AID in January, youíll know how passionate she is about the charityís work to help disadvantaged communities in Africaís drylands.

Now ZoŽ, a patron of TREE AID, is encouraging people to support the charityís latest fundraising initiative: the She Grows appeal, which she calls Ďan amazing opportunity to help womení affected by poverty. Its aim is to provide women in Mali, West Africa, with the training and tools they need to turn tree products into both nourishing food and goods to sell. In other words, She Grows will help women to Ďgrowí their way out of poverty.

The best bit is that if you donate to She Grows by 30 June 2019, your gift will be matched by the UK government, enabling TREE AID to make an even greater positive impact with its work.

You can make a donation online, by calling 0117 909 6363 or sending a cheque to Freepost TREE AID.

If youíd like to find out more about the charity, this video, narrated by ZoŽ, will help.

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ĎWonderfulí ZoŽ becomes honorary patron of Bridport Arts Centre, plus other news

30 March 2019 20:39

ZoŽ is now an honorary patron of Bridport Arts Centre in Dorset, where she recently opened the latest exhibition by Philip Sutton RA (as pictured below). The artist is also an honorary patron of the arts centre.

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a fantastic opening by #zoewanamaker of the My Shakespeare exhibition of Philip Sutton RA\u2019s work at Bridport Arts Centre this evening \ud83d\udc96 . . . sometimes it\u2019s good to come out from the hills \ud83d\ude0a . . . . . @philipsuttonra @bridportarts #art #magic #shakespeare #beautifulpeople #live #life #love #liveauthentic #grateful #inspiration #wellbeing #soulfood #this #see #breathe #prana #positivevibes #namaste \ud83d\ude4f\ud83c\udffb

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ĎIt was delightful to see Philipís paintings in one room,í ZoŽ remarks in Bridportís announcement about her appointment. ĎHis energy comes blazing through and it was great to visit Bridport Arts Centre. It is to be encouraged and celebrated.í

Bridportís director, Curtis Fulcher, praises Zoe as Ďa pedigree actress and a wonderful personí. He highlights the Ďheartfelt speechí she made when opening the exhibition, during which she spoke about her father Sam Wanamakerís friendship with Sutton.

Philip Sutton: My Shakespeare will be on display at Bridport until 4 May.

Supporting those affected by Cyclone Idai

In the wake of Cyclone Idai, ZoŽ is urging everyone to donate to the Disasters Emergency Committeeís fundraising campaign.

The DEC, which consists of a group of UK aid charities, points out that 2.5 million people are in urgent need of help across Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe.

A similar campaign Zoe is also backing is being led by disaster relief charity Shelterbox.

The Globe celebrates World Theatre Day

The team at Shakespeareís Globe shared a stunning photo of the theatre in all its glory to celebrate World Theatre Day on 27 March.

Insights into the Jewish Voices event

For a detailed account of Jewish Book Weekís recent Jewish Voices event, in which ZoŽ took part, head over to the charity World Jewish Reliefís news pages.

Terence McKenna's portrait of ZoŽ

You can see the striking portrait of ZoŽ by Terence McKenna, which was exhibited in 2018 at Londonís Royal Opera Arcade Gallery, in The Lady magazine, as well as find out how the artist likes to work.

Iíve just discovered a photo published last year in a regional newspaper of McKenna putting the finishing touches to the painting. In the accompanying interview, the artist remarks that he and his wife, Mandy, Ďhave many friends in the [acting] business. I tell them Iím putting together an exhibition and what do they think? Actors are warm, generous people and they value the arts.í

Betrayal's opening night

Earlier this month, ZoŽ was pictured as a special guest at the opening night of Betrayal, the classic Harold Pinter play being staged at the West End theatre named after the playwright. When I saw the photo, it struck me that she was on stage in another great Pinter play, The Birthday Party, at the same theatre exactly a year ago. Time flies!

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