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Memento Mori (1992)

A comedy-drama by Jack Clayton, Alan Kelley, and Jeanie Sims, based on the novel by Muriel Spark, and first broadcast on 19 April 1992, 9.45pm (BBC2)


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With thanks to Nadine for the photo.


Memento Mori follows the antics of a group of elderly friends in 1950's London. 

Among the group is Dame Lettie Colston, who is being plagued by telephone calls from a mysterious stranger with a disturbing message: 'Remember you must die'.  Soon those associated with the strident old lady are also receiving the unexplained phonecalls, each with the same chilling reminder. 

Dame Lettie's brother, Godfrey Colston, is concerned about the phonecalls but preoccupied by his own troubles.  He is attempting to conceal past and present indiscretions from his wife, whose advanced age seems to be getting the better of her wits.  Scheming housekeeper Mabel Pettigrew sees her employer's predicament as an opportunity to blackmail him. 

Godfrey's young acquaintance, Olive Mannering, is also harbouring a secret, in the form of a visitor whose presence is likely further to upset the Colstons.


Mabel Pettigrew ... Maggie Smith
Godfrey Colston ... Michael Hordern
Charmian Colston ... Renee Asherson
Dame Lettie Colston ... Stephanie Cole
Jean Taylor ... Thora Hird
Guy Leet ... Maurice Denham
Henry Mortimer ... John Wood
Olive Mannering ... Zo Wanamaker
Percy Mannering ... Cyril Cusack
Eric Colston ... Peter Eyre


Director: Jack Clayton
Producer: Louis Marks
Associate Producers: Carolyn Montagu, Derek Nelson, and Mark Shivas
Original Music: Georges Delerue
Cinematography: Remi Adefarasin
Film Editor: Mark Day
Costume Designer: Les Lansdown


Memento Mori by Muriel Spark

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