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News round-up: Christmas celebration, West End opening nights, Forgotten Soldier documentary and more

23 November 2018 22:33

RCPCH Christmas celebration

ZoŽ will be a special guest at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Healthís Christmas celebration on 12 December. Sheíll give a reading described as the Ďcentrepieceí of the event at Londonís Priory Church of the Order of St John.

Tickets are available now. Everyone is welcome.

ZoŽ is also due to attend two or three other festive charity events. Iíll aim to bring you more details if and when her involvement is publicly announced by the charities.

Two West End opening nights

Itís no secret that ZoŽ and her husband, Gawn Grainger, love theatre Ė theyíve recently been photographed at two press nights in Londonís theatrical heartland.

First they attended the opening of Don Quixote, the RSC's stage adaptation of Cervantesí entertaining classic, at The Garrick on 8 November.

Gawn talks about the play, alongside other special guests, in this press night video.

Next came the opening of Tennessee Williamsí compelling Summer and Smoke at the Duke of Yorkís on the 20th.

Forgotten Soldier documentary

ZoŽ and Henry Goodman are the narrators of an important new documentary, Forgotten Solider. It uncovers unsung hero Sally Noachís efforts to save hundreds of Jews during the Second World War. You can hear ZoŽís narration in the documentaryís trailer.

Forgotten Solider was broadcast at Noordelijk Film Festival in Friesland, Netherlands, on 11 November and the UK Jewish Film Festival in London on the 19th. You can keep track of future screenings on the documentaryís website.

ĎThe Heroí raising money for servicemen and women

ZoŽ is among a starry roll call of performers paying tribute to servicemen and women in the video for charity single ĎThe Hero Ė A West End & Friends Tributeí. The song, written by prominent composers and lyricists Daniel and Laura Curtis, is raising money for Help for Heroes.

ĎThe Heroí is available to buy from all digital music stores. You can also donate to the fundraising campaignís JustGiving page.

Sir Peter Hall Director Award presentation

On 18 November, ZoŽ and other special guests attended the presentation of the Royal Theatrical Support Trustís Sir Peter Hall Director Award to Nancy Medina. The ceremony took place in the Swan restaurant at Londonís Shakespeareís Globe.

The Stage has a photo of ZoŽ with Medina and Ian McKellen at the event. Scroll to the bottom of the newspaperís latest ĎIn Picturesí feature to find it. Awards nominations open

You can nominate your favourite recent UK theatre productions, as well as actors and behind-the-scenes crew, in the Awards until 30 November.

Might The Birthday Party, ZoŽís most recent stage hit, be among your choices?!

Extended trailer for short film Captcha

An extended trailer has been released for Captcha, the 2014, steampunk-inspired short film featuring ZoŽís vocal talents.

You can watch the full film via Film4.

Captcha is distinctive and memorable Ė itís good to realise that itís still being talked about several years after its initial release.

The call to change Northern Irelandís abortion law

ZoŽ is among a large number of female public figures whoíve joined human rights charity Amnesty Internationalís call for the UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, to support the decriminalisation of abortion in Northern Ireland.

In anticipation of the issue being raised in Parliament today, ZoŽ and the other women involved in the campaign have signed an open letter to the PM. ĎWomen in the UK shouldnít have their rights denied simply because of the region they live in,í emphasises the letter. ĎAn affront to women in Northern Ireland hurts us all,í it adds.

More than 50,000 members of the public have signed a petition, also organised by Amnesty International, with the same aim.

Heart Research UKís artwork auctions

And finally, did you spot ZoŽís delightful artwork in the Heart Research UKís Anonymous heART Project auctions recently?

Here it is...

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Hear ZoŽ read 'The Wound in Time' for Pages of the Sea

11 November 2018 21:40

Here's a video of the Pages of the Sea project in action. Thousands gathered on beaches around the UK today to pay their respects to the millions affected by World War One, which ended exactly 100 years ago.

ZoŽ's powerful reading of 'The Wound in Time', the poem specially written by Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy to mark the centenary, accompanies some of the footage.

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ZoŽ invites you to mark the WWI centenary by taking part in Pages of the Sea

11 November 2018 04:17

Today, 11 November, marks 100 years since the end of the First World War. In this video, ZoŽ invites you to join her in supporting Pages of the Sea, filmmaker Danny Boyleís heartfelt project to commemorate the event.

Those whoíd like to take part in Pages of the Sea are asked to gather on selected UK beaches today to pay tribute to the millions of people who left their shores during the conflict and in many cases never returned. On some of the beaches, a portrait of an individual from WWI will be drawn in the sand then washed away by the tide: a symbolic goodbye.

On Pages of the Seaís website, you can find specific people to say personal goodbyes to, as well as read and download Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffyís ĎThe Wound in Timeí. The sobering, poignant poem, specially written for the Armistice Day centenary, will be shared on the beaches.

If you're unable to attend a beach event, there's the option to get involved online instead by mentioning the person or people you're saying goodbye to on social media, using the hashtag #PagesOfTheSea.

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Can you spot ZoŽís art in Heart Research UKís charity auctions?

11 November 2018 03:50

Heart Research UKís fundraising auctions, collectively known as The Anonymous heART Project, feature over 400 impressive, postcard-sized artworks by artists, actors and other supporters of the charity.

The artwork auctions are currently taking place on eBay. One of the items for sale was created by ZoŽ Ė can you guess which one?

You have until 9pm (UK time) today, 11 November, to bid.

Good luck!

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Happy Halloween to ZoŽ's fans!

31 October 2018 20:16

Wishing all of ZoŽ's fans a spooktacular Halloween with the aid of Agatha Christie's frighteningly good sleuthing duo, crime writer Ariadne Oliver and private detective Hercule Poirot!

The pair are pictured in 2010's seasonal Poirot episode, 'Halloween Party'.

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