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Constellations: Everything we know so far...

20 June 2021 23:06

Wow, we only have a few days left to wait until the first performance of the Donmar Warehouse's suitably starry revival of Constellations with Zoë and Peter Capaldi. They'll be on stage at the Vaudeville Theatre in London's West End from 23 June to 24 July. You can check performance dates and book tickets via Nimax Theatres now.

Written by Nick Payne and directed by Michael Longhurst, Constellations promises to be a dazzling - and intense - production. The play, which looks at a romantic relationship through a cosmological lens, is a two-hander and runs for about 70 minutes without an interval.

A play set in the multiverse...

Zoë and Peter Capaldi play quantum physicist Marianne and beekeeper Roland. With them, audiences will journey through a 'multiverse'; in essence, experiencing different versions of the characters' relationship in different universes. (The physics behind the concept of the multiverse would no doubt make my brain hurt, but the central idea - multiple versions of a relationship - is straightforward enough. It reminds me of 2013's Passion Play, in which theatregoers saw two versions of the same character, one played by Zoë and the other by Samantha Bond.)

Here's how the Donmar introduces Constellations' plot:

'One drink. And if you never want to see me again you never have to see me again.'

A quantum physicist and a beekeeper meet at a barbeque. They hit it off, or perhaps they don’t. They go home together, or maybe they go their separate ways. In the multiverse, with every possible future ahead of them, a love of honey could make all the difference.

The Financial Times offers insights into the subtle way in which the multiverse will be brought to life. 'Pivotal moments are played and replayed with varying results as the play jumps between potential outcomes, with the actors nipping between dimensions simply by shifting stance or changing intonation,' it explains.

Stunning publicity and rehearsal photos

These beautiful photos by Charlie Gray have been released to whet our appetite for the show itself. They feature Zoë and Peter Capaldi alongside the pairs of actors taking part in the other versions of Constellations (Sheila Atim and Ivanno Jeremiah; Omari Douglas and Russell Tovey; Anna Maxwell Martin and Chris O'Dowd). Click on the images for larger versions.

I love how you can see Zoe and Peter Capaldi have a bond, a rapport, that's sure to play out well on stage.

Also check out the excellent rehearsal photos by Marc Brenner. There's a good selection on the Donmar's website, BroadwayWorld's UK site, WhatsOnStage and Theatre Cafe, as well as the photographer's Instagram profile. Artist Valentina has created a fantastic drawing inspired by one of the photos.

Insights from Zoë and Peter Capaldi

What's it like to act in a multiverse play? 'I find it exciting, in a way. Because you can't take anything for granted, it seems. I mean, this is why it's so relevant,' Zoë told The Sunday Times in a recent article about Constellations and the science behind the story.

She also shares her thoughts on the play, alongside Peter Capaldi, in this short video from the Donmar.

If you're a member of the Donmar, check your emails. You should've received a newsletter including the link to an exclusive video about Constellations (I don't think I'm permitted to share it here), featuring Zoe, Peter Capaldi and others involved with the production.

This morning, Zoë appeared on the bright and cheerful ITV1 show Martin & Roman's Weekend Best, while Peter Capaldi was a guest on BBC1's rather more serious Andrew Marr Show.

Roll on Wednesday!

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