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News round-up: The Big Issue, Inside No. 9, and celebrating Sam Wanamaker

25 June 2024 15:33

The Big Issue interview

Zoë is interviewed in the latest edition of The Big Issue (dated 24 June 2024), the magazine that supports homeless people in the UK.

With major elections on the horizon here and in the US, it’s not surprising that politics is the focus. Although Zoë is described as being ‘exasperated’ with the political landscape, she emphasises that kindness rather than physical/mental divisions is the way forward. ‘Our society should be helping each other [...] We can’t put walls up again.’

The article also highlights Zoë’s support for Causeway, which helps marginalised and vulnerable people. You’ll hear her voice towards the conclusion of this inspiring video for the charity’s Breaking Cyles: Building Lives campaign, which aims to help people who had deeply troubled upbringings free themselves from trauma and criminality.

The magazine is available to buy from your local Big Issue seller in the UK. You can also buy it on various digital magazine websites. (It’s currently sold out in The Big Issue’s online shop.)

Final episode of Inside No. 9

You’ll surely remember Zoë starred in a characteristically witty, weird and wonderful episode of Inside No. 9 in 2018. ‘And the Winner Is’ sees her playing Paula, an actress who’s invited to join the judging panel for a major acting awards ceremony but turns out to be less than familiar with the nominees’ work... (If you haven’t seen it, you’ll be pleased to hear you can watch the episode on the BBC iPlayer or buy it on DVD or Blu-ray.)

The final – and similarly brilliant – episode of the BBC Two series by Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton (who’s previously said Zoë gave his favourite theatre performance of all when she starred in 1994’s Dead Funny), ‘Plodding On’, was broadcast on 12 June this year. Blending fiction and reality, it takes place at a party being held to mark the end of the programme. And Zoë, appearing as herself this time, is among the party guests drawn from the nine series.

This episode is also on the BBC iPlayer.

Shakespeare’s Globe celebrates Sam Wanamaker

The beautiful Shakespeare’s Globe in London marked what would’ve been its founder Sam Wanamaker’s 105th birthday on 14 June. Here’s the theatre’s touching tribute, as well as lovely words from one of his many fans, on X/Twitter.

A fantastic interview with Zoë’s dad from a 1984 documentary came to my attention a couple of days later – on Father’s Day, in fact.

In the video, which was shared by the BBC Archive, he talks so passionately about The Globe project and bringing his vision to life. Even though building work hadn’t yet begun when the documentary was made, Sam Wanamaker emphasises that ‘I’ve seen the theatre here for 15-odd years; no, absolutely see it.’

How fortunate we are that Zoë’s dad’s vision did indeed become reality and we now have both Shakespeare’s Globe and the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse to enjoy.

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