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The Blackheath Poisonings (1992)

A drama by Simon Raven, based on the novel by Julian Symons, and first broadcast from 7-9 December 1992 (ITV).

Running time: 3 hours (broadcast in one-hour episodes)


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The Blackheath Poisonings is a murder mystery, set in the nineteenth century. 

The Collards and the Vandervents, owners of a successful toy-making company, appear to be the very epitome of the respectable gentry.  When their adversary, Robert Dangerfield, returns after his self-imposed exile abroad, however, his presence reawakens old rivalries and exposes long-buried secrets.  Matters are not helped when he begins a relationship with Charlotte Collard. 

After members of both families die in suspicious circumstances, young Paul Vandervent begins an investigation into their deaths.  It soon becomes apparent that there are more revelations to come.


Paul Vandervent ... Christien Anholt
Dr Hassall ... George Anton
Jenkins ... Ian Bartholemew
Wardress ... Janie Booth
Maid ... Lucy Briers
Hilda ... Gabrielle Cowburn
Roger Vandervent ... James Faulkner
Dr Porter ... Ronald Fraser
Thompkins ... Bob Goody
Sir Charles Russell ... Kenneth Haigh
Napier ... Basil Hoskins
Sgt. Davis ... Dafydd Hywel
Makepeace ... Colin Jeavons
Isabel Collard ... Christine Kavanagh
Lady Reading Poetry ... Rosalind Knight
Robert Dangerfield ... Patrick Malahide
Bookie's Clerk ... Douglas McFerran
George Collard ... Ian McNeice
Family Solicitor ... Ralph Nossek
Harriet Collard ... Judy Parfitt
Landlord ... Andrew Robertson
Morley ... Danny Schiller
Beatrice Vandervent ... Julia St. John
Oscar Wilde ... Richard Strange
Insp. Titmarsh ... Donald Sumpter
Charlotte Collard ... Zo Wanamaker
Bertie Williams ... Nicholas Woodeson


Director: Stuart Orme
Producer: Stephen Smallwood
Executive Producer for Central Films: Ted Childs
Executive Producer for WGBH/Boston: Rebecca Eaton
Cinematography: Dick Pope
Production Designer: Chris Edwards
Costume Designer: Jenny Beavan
Makeup: Cherry West
Music: Colin Towns


The Blackheath Poisonings Region 1 DVD

The Blackheath Poisonings Region 2 DVD

The Blackheath Poisonings by Julian Symons (edition of the novel published to coincide with the TV series)

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