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Take Three Girls - 'Jenny: Kitsch, or Protocols in a Chinese Laundry' (1971)

Take Three Girls - 'Jenny: Kitsch, or Protocols in a Chinese Laundry'

'Jenny: Kitsch, or Protocols in a Chinese Laundry' is episode six in the twelve-part, second series of drama Take Three Girls, which is a BBC production. The episode was first broadcast on Wednesday 28 April 1971 (BBC1, 8-8:50pm).

The image is a publicity photo of ZoŽ, taken a year or two before the episode was broadcast, which she has kindly provided for use on the website. (I have been unable to find a photo of her in the programme itself.)


ZoŽ has a small role as a secretary called Jackie in an episode of pioneering drama Take Three Girls, entitled 'Jenny: Kitsch, or Protocols in a Chinese Laundry'. The first BBC drama shown in colour, Take Three Girls focuses on a trio of strong-minded, unconventional young women who seek success and independence in London.

In the second series the trio consists of Fleet Street journalist Jenny, cellist Victoria and American psychology graduate Lulie, who all share a flat in the city. Their stories are played out against the backdrop of social, political and cultural change that marks the transition from the Swinging Sixties to the 1970s. The Guardian was impressed by the boldness of Take Three Girls, commenting that the drama 'prickles, jabs at sensitive areas and plunges towards some of the realities of life in the generation it depicts'.

As its title indicates, the episode in which Zoe appears focuses on Jenny, who learns a lesson in being careful what you wish for. The Radio Times summarised the plot: 'Daydreaming about a millionaire who could sweep her off her feet, Jenny is stunned when this apparently starts coming true'. The millionaire in question Ė with the rather unglamorous name of Sidney Barnes Ė is played by the well-known entertainer Bob Monkhouse.

'Jenny: Kitsch, or Protocols in a Chinese Laundry' marks Zoe's first appearance on BBC television, paving the way for her numerous other performances in this major broadcaster's programmes. Her next appearance in a BBC TV show was in 1972, when she took part in festive special A Christmas Collection.


Jenny ... Carolyn Seymour
Victoria ... Liza Goddard
Lulie ... Barra Grant
Jenny\'s mother ... Angela Baddeley
Sidney Barnes ... Bob Monkhouse
Jackie ... ZoŽ Wanamaker
Gordon Fenton ... Julian Holloway
Herbert Kalb ... Allan Gerrard
Barman ... Paul Lindley
Workman ... John Scott Martin
Editor ... Wilfrid Carter


Writer: Robert Muller
Series Creator: Gerald Savory
Director: Michael Hayes
Producer: Verity Lambert
Designer: Gillian Howard
Script Editor: Mark Lushington
Music: Pentangle


You can watch the opening titles from the first series of Take Three Girls, featuring the distinctive theme music, 'Light Flight', by Pentangle, on YouTube.


Unfortunately, 'Jenny: Kitsch, or Protocols in a Chinese Laundry' is not available on DVD or in any other format. Although the programme exists in the TV archives, most of the other episodes of Take Three Girls are missing, which makes a future release of the series on DVD, etc. unlikely.

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