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Love Hurts (1992)

Love Hurts

A drama created and partly written by Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran; other scriptwriters included Johnny Byrne and Barbara Cox. 

Three series of ten episodes each were produced, with the first episode broadcast on 3 January 1992 (BBC1).

Running time: 50 minutes per episode


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With thanks to Nadine and Kerrie for some of these photos.


Tessa Piggott has reached a turning point: she gives up her high-flying City job and expensive lifestyle to become the director of a small Third World charity, S.E.E.D. 

Having been unceremoniously dumped by her long-term partner (and former boss), she renounces men in a bid to steer clear of the kind of trouble they have previously caused her.  Fate has other ideas.  A chance encounter with ex-plumber and self-made millionaire, Frank Carver, leaves feisty Tessa struggling to maintain her resolve. 

Frank and Tessa's relationship develops over the course of three series and across continents, as the couple's work takes them far and wide.  Their difficulties, as well as the problems experienced by family and friends such as Rabbi Diane Warburg, remind us that sometimes love hurts.


Tessa Piggott ... Zo Wanamaker
Frank Carver ... Adam Faith
Jade Carver ... Robin Weaver
Max Taplow ... Tony Selby
Grace Taplow ... Edna Dor
Dr. Piggott ... Richard Pearson
Mrs Piggott ... Hilary Mason
Rabbi Diane Warburg ... Jane Lapotaire
Simon Friedman ... David Horovitch
Hugh Mariner ... Stephen Moore
Marshall Baumblatt ... Olivier Pierre
Malcolm Litoff ... Richard Cordery
Sandra ... Belinda Davison
Bob Pearce ... John Flanagan
Ghita Harthill ... Shireen Shah
Christopher Hamilton ... Stuart Fox
Laverne ... Jaye Griffiths
Shelley Levy ... Sue Kelvin
Andrea ... Linda Marlowe
Sam Levison ... Rolf Saxon


Love Hurts: The Complete Series Region 2 DVD

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