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Inspector Morse - 'Fat Chance' (1991)

A drama by Alma Cullen, based on characters created by Colin Dexter, and first broadcast on 27 February 1991, 8pm (ITV).

Running time: 1 hour and 44 minutes


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When Inspector Morse is called to investigate the suspicious death of a woman deacon at St Saviour's College, he unearths a den of lies, deceit, and prejudice.  Meanwhile, a troubled young woman goes missing from the local hostel.  Could the events be connected? 

Forced to reconsider the motives of those involved, Morse is unsure who to trust - particularly when his assistant, Lewis, reveals that a female cleric, Emma Pickford, has been economical with the truth.

'Fat Chance' is the second episode in the fifth series of Inspector Morse.


Lance Mandeville ... Maurice Denham
Chief Superintendent Strange ... James Grout
Freddy Galt ... Kenneth Haigh
The Nun ... Peggy Mount
Hilary Dobson ... Maggie O'Neill
Chief Inspector Morse ... John Thaw
Emma Pickford ... ZoŽ Wanamaker
Detective Sergeant Lewis ... Kevin Whately
Geoffrey Boyd ... David Gant
Desmond Kelly ... Julian Gartside
Dinah Newberry ... Caroline Ryder
Victoria Hazlett ... Sarah Carpenter
Nadine Stacey ... Una Brandon-Jones
Jane Barnes ... Arbel Jones
Dr Corder ... Nicholas Selby
Mrs Gardam ... Eileen Dunwoodie
Freddie Galt ... Kenneth Haigh
Irene Saunders ... Tilly Vosburgh


Director: Roy Battersby
Producer: David Lascelles
Executive Producer: Ted Childs
Music: Barrington Pheloung


'ZoŽ was lovely; she took it very seriously,' remarked the episode's writer, Alma Cullen, about her colleague's approach to filming 'Fat Chance'.

St Saviour's College, with which Zoe's character, Emma Pickford, is associated, is a fictional institution.  Scenes set at St Saviour's were actually filmed at New College, University of Oxford. 

In 2004, Zoe returned to the university to speak at the well known Oxford UnionPhotos of Zoe at the event are available from Rex Features.

A couple of months after 'Fat Chance' was broadcast, Zoe could be seen in a more grisly crime drama, when she played the partner of a suspected murderer in Prime Suspect I.


Inspector Morse - 'Fat Chance' Region 1 DVD

Inspector Morse - 'Fat Chance' and 'Who Killed Harry Field' Region 2 DVD

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