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Glad Day: A Celebration for William Blake (1978)

Glad Day: A Celebration for William Blake

Glad Day: A Celebration for William Blake is a one-off musical drama.  It was produced by Thames Television and first broadcast on Tuesday 3 January 1978 (ITV, 10:30-11:30pm).

Although I do not have an image of ZoŽ in the programme, included here is one of her publicity photos from the year after it was broadcast.  With special thanks to ZoŽ for the photo.


Glad Day: A Celebration for William Blake, in which Zoe plays Blake's wife and helpmate, Kate, combines biographical details with dreamlike sequences.  The musical drama draws on poetry, song, dance and special effects to provide a fittingly imaginative tribute to Blake, the dynamic eighteenth-century poet, painter and visionary.  Its quirky plot involves Blake, back from the dead, promoting his radical ideas in contemporary society.  An investigator, Branch, is on a mission to track down the remarkable poet and originator of what he considers to be 'hundred percent subversive' thoughts.


William Blake ... Jonathan Pryce
Kate Blake ... ZoŽ Wanamaker
Branch ... Antony Sher
Chief ... Roger Sloman
Samuel Palmer ... Paul Copley
Henry Euseli ... Chris Langham
Dancer/Choreographer ... William Louther
Musicians and friends of William Blake ... Mike Westbrook, Kate Westbrook, Phil Minton, George Khan, Dave Chambers


Writer: Adrian Mitchell
Director: John Michael Phillips
Designer: Peter Le Page
Associate Producer: Lester Clark
Executive Producer: Diana Potter


Looking back on Glad Day, ZoŽ praises its fantastic cast, as well as its wonderful writer, Adrian Mitchell.


Unfortunately, the programme is not available on DVD or in any other format.

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