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Edge of Darkness (1985)

Edge of Darkness

A drama series by Troy Kennedy-Martin, with the first episode originally broadcast on 4 November 1985 (BBC2).

Running time: 5 hours and 14 minutes


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Edge of Darkness is a hugely influential six-part drama series.

Policeman Ronald Craven watches helplessly as his grown-up daughter, Emma, is gunned down in an apparently motiveless attack.  Unhappy with his colleagues' handling of the case, he launches a private investigation into the murder, uncovering disturbing details about Emma's environmental and political activism. 

What begins as a family tragedy soon assumes national importance, particularly in relation to the nuclear power debate.  On a quest to find his daughter's killer, Craven crosses the path of several British and American government agents who express interest in the shooting. 

Will they help or hinder his enquiries? 

While their motivations are unclear, perhaps the most sympathetic of the agents is Clementine, of whom Craven grows fond.  She offers him much needed assistance in his final, desperate attempt to shed light on the events leading up to Emma's death.


Ronald Craven ... Bob Peck
Darius Jedburgh ... Joe Don Baker
Pendleton ... Charles Kay
Harcourt ... Ian McNeice
Emma Craven ... Joanne Whalley
Bennett ... Hugh Fraser
Ross ... John Woodvine
James Godbolt ... Jack Watson
Chilwell ... Allan Cuthbertson
Grogan ... Kenneth Nelson
Jones ... David Fleeshman
Clementine ('Clemmy') ... Zo Wanamaker
Dingle ... Bill Stewart
Childs ... T.R. Bowen
Young Emma ... Imogen Staley
Elham ... Paul Humpoletz
Polly Pelham ... Sarah Martin
Bewes ... Paul Williamson
Terry Shields ... Tim McInnery


Director: Martin Campbell
Producer: Michael Wearing
Cinematography: Andrew Dunn
Production Designer: Graeme Thomson
Costume Designer: Denver Hall
Make-up Designer: Daphne Croker
Music: Eric Clapton and Michael Kamen
Visual Effects: Mat Irvine


Zoe appears as Clementine in episodes three, four, and six: 'Burden of Proof', 'Breakthrough', and 'Fusion'.

When Edge of Darkness was broadcast on BBC2, viewers were so impressed by the series that it was almost immediately repeated on the more mainstream channel, BBC1, doubling the size of its audience. 

Critics and viewers alike heaped praise on this taut political thriller; such was its impact, Edge of Darkness is placed 15th in the British Film Institute's list of the 100 Greatest British Television Programmes.


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Edge of Darkness screenplay by Troy Kennedy Martin

BFI TV Classics: Edge of Darkness by John Caughie (book analysing the series)

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