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Doctor Who - 'New Earth' (2006)


A fantasy and science-fiction drama by Russell T. Davies, first broadcast on 15 April 2006 (BBC1).

Running time: 45 minutes


The time-travelling Doctor promises to take his companion, Rose Tyler, 'further than we've ever gone before'.  Together they visit New Earth, a planet colonised by nostalgic humans after the destruction of their original home, in the year five-billion-and-twenty-three. 

Across the bay from 'New' New York lies a state-of-the-art hospital, run by highly-evolved cat-women, the Sisters of Plenitude.  Remarkably, the treatments they provide can cure all known diseases.  But is there a dark secret behind their skills?

Separated from the Doctor, Rose encounters an old adversary, hidden in the depths of the hospital.  Lady Cassandra, little more than a piece of skin after countless cosmetic surgery procedures, remembers their former conflict (the subject of another Doctor Who episode, 'The End of the World'), and now seeks revenge.  Using a 'psycho-graft', operated by her faithful servant, Chip, Cassandra claims Rose's body as her own - 'it's goodbye trampoline and hello blondie!'


David Tennant ... The Doctor

Billie Piper ... Rose Tyler

Doña Croll ... Matron Clasp

Adjoa Andoh ... Sister Jatt

Anna Hope ... Novice Hame

Zoe Wanamaker ... Lady Cassandra O'Brien

Sean Gallagher ... Chip

Michael Fitzgerald ... Duke of Manhattan

Struan Rodger (voice) ... Face of Boe

Noel Clarke ... Mickey Smith

Camille Coduri ... Jackie Tyler

Lucy Robinson ... Frau Clovis

Simon Ludders ... Patient


Director: James Hawes
Assistant Directors: Jon Older, Steffan Morris, and Lynsey Muir
Producer: Phil Collinson
Executive Producers: Russell T. Davies and Julie Gardner
Associate Producer: Helen Vallis
Cinematography: Ernest Vincze
Production Designer: Edward Thomas
Costume Designer: Louise Page
Make-up Designer: Sheelagh Wells
Stunt Co-Ordinator: Peter Brayham
Original Music: Murray Gold and Ron Grainer


Doctor Who: Series 2 (Volume 1) Region 2 DVD (includes 'New Earth')

Doctor Who: The Ultimate Monster Guide by Justin Richards (includes a section about Lady Cassandra).

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