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Sylvia (1996)



A play by A.R. Gurney, peformed at the Apollo Theatre, London: 20 May - 1 June 1996.


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The above are rehearsal photos of Sylvia.


Whereas Kate has focused her energies on becoming a successful inner-city teacher, husband Greg has drifted into middle age, searching for something to occupy his time. 

Much to his wife's frustration, he believes that the solution to his problems lies with another female companion: a stray dog called Sylvia, rescued from Central Park!  Part poodle, part Labrador, and full of charm, feisty Sylvia gives Greg a new lease of life. 

As Kate grows ever more exasperated by her husband's behaviour, Greg's canine friend must prove her worth.


Zoë Wanamaker ... Sylvia

Maria Aitken ... Kate

Robin Ellis ... Greg

Neil McCaul ... Tom / Phyllis / Leslie


Director: Michael Blakemore
Designer: Hayden Griffin
Music: Denis King
Lighting Designer: Howard Harrison
Sound Designer: Steve Jonas for Paul Farrah Ltd


This production of Sylvia was first advertised in the Crufts dog show magazine, as the Daily Mail commented.  During the production's run, Zoë appeared as Sylvia in Dog Monthly magazine!

Press coverage

Michael Coveney, writing for the Observer, greatly enjoyed 'the clownish, anthropomorphic incarnation of brilliant Zoë Wanamaker'.  She 'quite wonderfully impersonates the dog', agreed the Spectator's Sheridan Morley.  'The chief charm of Michael Blakemore's production is Zoe Wanamaker's perky interpretation of dog behaviour in human terms', declared Robert Hanks in the Independent.


Sylvia by A.R. Gurney

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