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Guys and Dolls (1972)

A 69 Theatre Co. production of a musical by Frank Loesser, performed at the University Theatre, Manchester (26 September - 28 October 1972).


Guys and Dolls image #0

The photo shows Nathan Detroit (played by Trevor Peacock) and Miss Adelaide (Zoë Wanamaker).  It has been kindly provided by Zoë.


Policeman ... Geoffrey Bateman
Big Jule ... John Cording
Nicely, Nicely ... Michael Feast
Arvide ... David Grayson
Benny ... Neil Kennedy
Sky Masterson ... John Labanowski
Sarah Brown, of the Mission ... Heather Page
Nathan Detroit ... Trevor Peacock
Miss Adelaide ... Zoë Wanamaker
Rusty ... Peter Whitman


Director: George Hall
Set designer: Clare Jeffrey
Musical director: Chuck Mallett


This production of Guys and Dolls was presented by the 69 Theatre Company, with which Zoe had made her professional stage debut (in a 1970 revival of A Midsummer Night's Dream). 

For Zoe, the musical is particularly important in relation to her development as a performer.  'I had never sung before doing Guys and Dolls with Trevor Peacock, and it was an extraordinary thing to discover that I could do it,' she explained several years later.  'It's the nearest I've come to total release, total anarchy on stage' (see 'I Yearn To Be So Free and Comfortable on That Stage' interview).

In its review of Guys and Dolls, The Stage recognised Zoe's 'rich gift for comedy', a quality on which she has drawn to great acclaim throughout her career.  Comic talent is crucial to the success of many of Zoe's performances, perhaps most notably as May Daniels in the quirky Once in a Lifetime (1979), Susan Harper in popular TV sitcom My Family (2000 onwards), and Hildy Johnson in the fast-paced His Girl Friday (2003).


Guys and Dolls and Other Stories by Damon Runyan

Guys and Dolls by Frank Loesser (extracts from the musical score)

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