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A Taste of Saki (1989)

A Taste of Saki

Readings of a selection of short stories by Saki, in a production devised by Jeremy Raison, performed at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guilford, on 7 May 1989 (after a shorter version was presented at the National Theatre, London, in November 1988).


Four well known actors read several short stories by the Edwardian wit Hector Hugo Munro, who is better known by the pseudonym 'Saki'. 

Saki's writings provide humorous, often darkly comic, insight into early twentienth-century society.  The stories read during A Taste of Saki include 'The Baker's Dozen', 'The Reticence of Lady Anne', 'Mrs Packletide's Tiger', 'Filboid Studge', 'The Open Window', 'Fur', 'The Talking-Out of Tarrington', 'Esme', and 'Laura'.

Readers: Dirk Bogarde, Barbara Leigh-Hunt, Tim Pigott-Smith, and Zoe Wanamaker


Director: Jeremy Raison
Production Supervisor: Graham Cull
Wardrobe: Patricia Roose


The year before taking part in A Taste of Saki, Zoe was involved in a TV programme about another short story writer, Kate Chopin, entitled Five Stories of an Hour.


Saki: A Celebration (audio cassette; adapted from A Taste of Saki)

Saki: The Complete Short Stories by Hector Hugo Munro

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