Sky Atlantic's epic drama about the Romans invading ancient Britain, starring ZoŽ as vengeful Queen Antedia, returned for a second series on 7 November. Both series are available via Sky and NOW TV.

Worzel Gummidge

ZoŽ plays eccentric aristocrat Lady Bloomsbury Barton in the second episode of the BBCís new adaptation of Barbara Euphan Toddís classic childrenís stories, which aired just after Christmas. It's available via the BBC iPlayer.

Shadow and Bone

ZoŽ recently finished filming this major new fantasy series for Netflix, based on Leigh Bardugoís novels. She's been cast as Baghra, a ruthless teacher. The release date hasn't yet been announced.


A very happy birthday, ZoŽ!

13 May 2018 02:35

I'm sure you'll want to join me in sending love and appreciation to ZoŽ today, 13 May. Wishing her a wonderful birthday and many happy returns!

Here she is performing 'Happy Birthday', a song from the 2015 New York production of life-affirming musical Zorba!

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Why working with ZoŽ is Ďsuch a joyí for Annabel Scholey

29 April 2018 19:50

In an interview with the Yorkshire Post, up-and-coming actress Annabel Scholey discusses the Ďjoyí of working with ZoŽ on stage and TV.

ĎZoe and I became friends pretty instantly [during the 2013 West End production of Passion Play] and as a young actress I was really flattered that not only did she ask my opinion, but that she seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say. She was such a mentor and a great support.í

More recently, ZoŽ and Scholey played two of the most formidable characters in Sky Atlanticís epic historical drama Britannia: Queen Antedia and Amena, respectively. Itís an experience Scholey is particularly keen to repeat in the showís second series, due to air in 2019. ĎIíd walk over coals to work together again in Britannia and that was such a joy, because if nothing else I know that she will make me laugh.í

Scholeyís enthusiastic comments here echo the interview she gave last month to The Mail on Sunday, in which she praised ZoŽ as one of her Ďamazing friendsí in the acting industry.

Letís hope they have many more opportunities to work so happily together.

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Learn to fly with ZoŽís Madam Hooch in new Hogwarts Mystery app

26 April 2018 23:03

Now that the Hogwarts Mystery role-play app is available from Google Play and iTunes, Harry Potter fans around the world have the chance to enrol at the famous school for witches and wizards, where theyíll meet ZoŽís Madam Hooch herself.

If youíre as sharp-eyed as she is, youíll first spot the formidable games mistress in the spectacular Great Hall, shortly before being Ďsortedí into your Hogwarts house. After a spot of wand-waving, brewing potions and (of course!) a near-death experience, the time has come to attend the first yearsí first flying lesson.

Hogwarts Mysteryís designers have created an engaging, impressive virtual world. I think that Madam Hooch looks almost as tough, eagle-like and spiky-haired here as ZoŽ does when portraying the character in the first Harry Potter film (the bird-of-prey eyes are a particularly good match). ĎVirtualí Hooch is similarly adept at flying a broomstick, too.

Much of the dialogue in the app appears as text on screen rather than being spoken aloud (ĎDo not lean too far to one side or you will surely fall to your deathí is one piece of advice from the flying instructor that Hogwarts students wonít forget in a hurry!), but youíll hear ZoŽís distinctive voice from time to time. And look out for the invitation to discuss Hoochís hair Ė well, it is rather magnificent!

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Important discussion in one\u2019s first flying class.\u26a1\ufe0f

A post shared by Karoline (@karoline_said) on

My knowledge of the Harry Potter novels and films is far from encyclopaedic, but I had no trouble immersing myself in Hogwarts Mystery. So, whether youíre a self-proclaimed Potterhead or life at Hogwarts really is a mystery to you, Iíd say give this new app a try and see if you can impress Madam Hooch with your flying skills.

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The Birthday Party bows out, Madam Hooch returns, a portrait of ZoŽ features in an exhibition Ė and more news

24 April 2018 21:36

The five-star Birthday Party concludes its run

After an incredibly successful run at Londonís Harold Pinter Theatre, Ian Ricksonís 60th anniversary revival of The Birthday Party, starring ZoŽ, bowed out on 14 April. The production of Pinterís disturbing classic garnered numerous five-star reviews, with The Times praising Zoeís portrayal of the too-trusting landlady Meg as Ďabsolutely terrificí.

Interviewed on BBC Radio 2 last month, ZoŽ described acting in The Birthday Party as Ďone of the happiest experiences Iíve ever hadí. Her co-star Stephen Mangan recently echoed those sentiments.

If you missed The Birthday Party or would like to remind yourself of its brilliance, check out the rehearsal photos and production photos on the show's Facebook page. If you fancy some food for thought, you might also enjoy Spiked magazineís detailed discussion of the production (and Pinterís play in general), which was published towards the end of its run. ĎThe Birthday Party has surely never looked better, fresher or funnier,í it emphasises.

The recent review in The Theatre Times is similarly glowing: ĎGreatness comes hand in hand with ZoŽ Wanamakerís perfect interpretation of a childless woman in her sixties who yearns for a male son and has found her devotion to motherhood in [her] unshaven tenant with whom she even at times flirts, denoting some kind of incest. Her astounding grotesque and caricaturesque performance together with her perfect diction bring about a character that keeps the play flowingí.

Isnít it sad that the partyís now over! Hopefully it wonít be too long before ZoŽ is back treading the boards in another compelling production.

Madam Hooch returns to Hogwarts!

Seventeen years after the release of the first Harry Potter film, ZoŽís eagle-eyed games mistress is set to make a comeback. ZoŽ has voiced a Ďvirtualí Madam Hooch for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, an official app thatís due to be released on 25 April for both Android and iOS devices. Players are invited to turn back the clock and join the ranks of Hogwarts students during the 1980s, long before the bespectacled boy wizard enrolled.

As reported by leading Harry Potter fansite The Leaky Cauldron, ZoŽ is joined by several other well-known actors from the films, such as Michael Gambon (Professor Dumbledore), Maggie Smith (Professor McGonagall) and Warwick Davis (Professor Flitwick), helping to give new students an authentic (and magical!) Hogwarts experience.

Download the app and youíll be able to try your hand at spells, potions, duelling Ė and, of course, flying lessons!

The voice of the Olivier Awards 2018

ZoŽís voice talents have clearly been in great demand recently. For the third consecutive year, she was chosen to provide the voiceover for the Olivier Awards ceremony, introducing the categories and nominees. The spectacular show, which celebrates the best of British theatre, took place at Londonís Royal Albert Hall on 8 April. Highlights were broadcast on TV in the UK and are currently available on catch-up services the ITV Hub and STV Player. Outside the UK, you can watch the ceremony via Facebook.

ZoŽ didnít appear on stage at the Oliviers this year, but hereís a reminder of the fabulous dress she wore to the 2017 ceremony.

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The face of our delightful voiceover, Zoe Wanamaker! \ud83d\udcf8 @darrenphotog #olivierawards #theatre #london #backstage

A post shared by Olivier Awards (@olivierawards) on

New portrait of ZoŽ at the ROA Gallery

ZoŽ will be among the famous faces featured in Portraits, a major exhibition by artist Terence McKenna, at the Royal Opera Arcade Gallery in London. McKennaís portraits, which the gallery calls Ďwarm, intimate studies of characterí, will be on show from 30 April to 5 May.

ZoŽ chosen for the Leading Women campaign

ZoŽ is one of the public figures featured in the University of Londonís Leading Women campaign, which marks the 150th anniversary of women gaining access to university education. The campaign celebrates (in the universityís words) Ďexceptional women [...] leading through their inspirational educational and professional achievements'.

The chosen women are all associated with one or more of Londonís higher education institutions (in ZoŽís case, the Central School of Speech and Drama).

Supporting the Moonlight Walk

ZoŽ has leant her support to St Wilfridís Hospice in Chichester, ahead of its 10th Moonlight Walk. You can register now for the walk, which will be held on 5 May and is designed to raise money for the hospiceís crucial work.

Passionate about Passion Play

Asked to choose a play sheíd love to see revived, BroadwayWorld UK writer Aliya Al-Hassan opts for Peter Nicholsí darkly comic Passion Play. She praises the powerful 2013 West End production, which starred ZoŽ as Eleanor, a victim of infidelity, and Samantha Bond as her alter ego.

ĎThe production reunited director David Leveaux with Wanamaker for the first time since their Olivier Award-winning collaboration on his superb version of Electra [in 1997],í Al-Hassan notes. ĎWanamaker and Bond were both hypnotising and portrayed the visceral anguish of betrayal [...] It was a brilliant performance from both actors.í

I completely agree Ė Passion Play is unforgettable.

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Don't miss The Birthday Party, plus a new portrait of ZoŽ, Britannia series two and more!

25 March 2018 21:41

Here's a detailed round-up of all the latest news for ZoŽ's fans.

Donít miss ZoŽ in The Birthday Party!

Time is running out to watch the 60th anniversary West End revival of Pinterís The Birthday Party. ZoŽís performance as seaside landlady Meg, who struggles to see her visitorsí dark intentions, has been widely praised.

As well as receiving stunning reviews, ZoŽ, the rest of the cast and the production itself are wowing audiences. Below is just a small selection of recent comments from theatregoers.

Tickets are available from ATG for the classic play, which is running for a strictly limited season at London's Harold Pinter Theatre. The final matinee and evening performance will be on 14 April.

Donít miss this five-star theatrical treat!

Photoshoot with Andrew Ogilvy

The Harold Pinter Theatre was also the setting for a recent photoshoot with ZoŽ and the talented photographer Andrew Ogilvy.

They clearly had a great time working together! You can view the portrait of ZoŽ on Ogilvyís website Ė I like the directness of her gaze.

Britannia set to return in 2019

Have you recovered yet after Britanniaís shocking finale? While you catch your breath, let me fill you in on an exciting announcement about the historical epic. Sky has commissioned a second series, which will begin filming this spring. The new episodes are due to air next year.

Hopefully this means that weíll find out how ZoŽís formidable Queen Antedia fares following the catastrophic events in the first series.

If youíd like to relive the drama, youíll be pleased to hear that Britannia series one will be released on Region 2 DVD and Region B/2 Blu-ray on 26 March.

Below, fanpage Best of Britannia has helpfully summarised other ways you can watch the show around the world.

Annabel Scholey chats about ZoŽ, her Ďamazingí co-star

Another Britannia cast member, Annabel Scholey, has emphasised how supportive ZoŽ is as part of an interview published in The Mail on Sunday.

In particular, Scholey recalls the first time they worked together. ĎWhen I did [the 2013 West End production of] Passion Play with ZoŽ she requested that I share her dressing room because she likes to have company. What amazed me was how sheíd often ask what I thought about the way sheíd changed one little nuance or action. It made me feel so much better, because I realised I was with someone who, even at her level, still doubted herself and questioned everything.í

She describes ZoŽ as one of her Ďamazing friendsí in the acting industry who she can always turn to for advice and support.

Wonderful readings to celebrate World Poetry Day

Thanks to World Poetry Day (21 March), the power of creative writing has been in the spotlight this week. So why not take the opportunity to remind yourself of two brilliant readings ZoŽ has given of two brilliant poems?

The video, produced by literature resource Connell Guides, features ĎThis Be the Verseí by Philip Larkin and ĎNot Waving But Drowningí by Stevie Smith (who, of course, ZoŽ played on stage to great acclaim in 2014 and 2015).


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