Sky Atlantic's epic drama about the Romans invading ancient Britain, starring ZoŽ as vengeful Queen Antedia, returned for a second series on 7 November. Both series are available via Sky and NOW TV.

Worzel Gummidge

ZoŽ plays eccentric aristocrat Lady Bloomsbury Barton in the second episode of the BBCís new adaptation of Barbara Euphan Toddís classic childrenís stories, which aired just after Christmas. It's available via the BBC iPlayer.

Shadow and Bone

ZoŽ recently finished filming this major new fantasy series for Netflix, based on Leigh Bardugoís novels. She's been cast as Baghra, a ruthless teacher. The release date hasn't yet been announced.


ZoŽ invites you to mark the WWI centenary by taking part in Pages of the Sea

11 November 2018 04:17

Today, 11 November, marks 100 years since the end of the First World War. In this video, ZoŽ invites you to join her in supporting Pages of the Sea, filmmaker Danny Boyleís heartfelt project to commemorate the event.

Those whoíd like to take part in Pages of the Sea are asked to gather on selected UK beaches today to pay tribute to the millions of people who left their shores during the conflict and in many cases never returned. On some of the beaches, a portrait of an individual from WWI will be drawn in the sand then washed away by the tide: a symbolic goodbye.

On Pages of the Seaís website, you can find specific people to say personal goodbyes to, as well as read and download Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffyís ĎThe Wound in Timeí. The sobering, poignant poem, specially written for the Armistice Day centenary, will be shared on the beaches.

If you're unable to attend a beach event, there's the option to get involved online instead by mentioning the person or people you're saying goodbye to on social media, using the hashtag #PagesOfTheSea.

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Can you spot ZoŽís art in Heart Research UKís charity auctions?

11 November 2018 03:50

Heart Research UKís fundraising auctions, collectively known as The Anonymous heART Project, feature over 400 impressive, postcard-sized artworks by artists, actors and other supporters of the charity.

The artwork auctions are currently taking place on eBay. One of the items for sale was created by ZoŽ Ė can you guess which one?

You have until 9pm (UK time) today, 11 November, to bid.

Good luck!

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Happy Halloween to ZoŽ's fans!

31 October 2018 20:16

Wishing all of ZoŽ's fans a spooktacular Halloween with the aid of Agatha Christie's frighteningly good sleuthing duo, crime writer Ariadne Oliver and private detective Hercule Poirot!

The pair are pictured in 2010's seasonal Poirot episode, 'Halloween Party'.

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ZoŽ reads The Studentís Tale, part of 28 Tales for 28 Days

17 September 2018 22:40

ZoŽís contribution to 28 Tales for 28 Days, a series of videos produced to call for a 28-day time limit on UK immigration detention, is now available to watch on the 28 Tales website and YouTube.

In ZoŽís video, she reads ĎThe Studentís Taleí, as told to Helen Macdonald (author of the award-winning memoir H is for Hawk). Itís been released on day seven of the 28 Tales for 28 Days project, which is led by Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group, Refugee Tales and Comma Press.

28 Tales, which was recently reported on by The Bookseller, offers insights into the experiences of people indefinitely detained in the UK, which is the only European country without an immigration detention time limit.

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Look At You Now exhibition, Children and the Arts event and The Humansí opening night

8 September 2018 02:35

ZoŽ featured in National Theatre exhibition

Look out for ZoŽ and her husband, Gawn Grainger, recreating their childhood snapshots in a new video from Londonís National Theatre.

The video accompanies a free exhibition, Look At You Now, which features photos of actors and other theatre-makers connected to the NT. ĎThe exhibition celebrates where people start and what they go on to achieve,í in the theatreís words.

All of the contemporary portraits were taken by young people under the guidance of professional photographers, in the spirit of nurturing tomorrowís creative talents.

Look At You Now runs seven days a week at the NT until 13 October.

ZoŽís views on the role of the arts in education

Nurturing creativity among young people was also the theme of a charity event ZoŽ attended on 5 September. She joined around 200 other leading figures from the arts at Londonís Royal Albert Hall for the high-profile gathering, which was organised by Prince Charlesí Children & the Arts charity and aimed to promote Ė and protect Ė the arts in UK schools.

ZoŽ, who is a Children & the Arts ambassador, spoke to the Press Association about the importance of artistic expression for pupils and her concerns that arts subjects are being sidelined in the current education system. She believes that Ďa rounded education is needed for the next generation to ''think outside the box''í.

Todayís exam culture can lead to artistic expression being neglected in schools, and thatís detrimental to pupilsí personal development, she suggested. ĎYou have got to run, youíve got to play, youíve got to have fun and then the brain will engage,í ZoŽ emphasised.

Attending The Humansí UK press night

The day after the Children & the Arts event, ZoŽ was pictured in an eye-catching outfit at the UK opening night of Stephen Karamís family drama, The Humans.

The play has already won multiple Tony awards on Broadway and is now being staged at Hampstead Theatre, where ZoŽ was most recently seen in the London transfer of Stevie (2015).

With thanks to Janet for her help

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