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West End hit Constellations, starring ZoŽ as quantum physicist Marianne and Peter Capaldi as beekeper Roland, is available to watch online. You can rent it from Donmar On Demand until 29 November.

Shadow and Bone

ZoŽ plays Baghra, a stern teacher, in this major new fantasy series based on Leigh Bardugoís bestselling Grishaverse novels. Streaming now on Netflix.


The third series of Sky Atlantic's epic drama about the Romans invading ancient Britain stars ZoŽ as vengeful Queen Antedia. Streaming now on Sky, NOW and other services.


Queen Antedia is back! Britannia series 3 release date confirmed

28 June 2021 11:18

ĎSound the alarm. Gather your tribe. Get ready for battle.í

With those compelling words and a suitably frenetic teaser video, production company Vertigo Films heralds the release of the third series of Britannia. The weird and wonderful historical epic, starring ZoŽ, David Morrissey, Sophie Okonedo, Eleanor Worthington-Cox, Mackenzie Crook, Annabel Scholey and many more, makes an eagerly-awaited return to Sky and NOW TV on 24 August. Fans will be able to stream all eight new episodes from that date or watch weekly on Sky Atlantic. is looking forward to watching Ďthe always wonderful ZoŽ Wanamakerí in series three, and so am I! Having been deposed, imprisoned then caged and sold at auction (!), Queen Antedia hasnít been having a very jolly time since the Romans invaded ancient Britain in series one; but perhaps thatíll change in August and sheíll get to be fierce and fabulous again...

Surely itís time for the former leader of the Regni tribe to claw her way back to power?! She certainly looks up for a fight in this close-up from a newly-published Britannia series three promo photo.

Loving how Antediaís look has evolved Ė Iíd describe her current style as Ďpunk militaryí, and it really suits her!

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