The Man Who Fell to Earth

Zoƫ plays the enigmatic Watt in this sci-fi series about an alien, Faraday, who comes to Earth on a mission to save his home planet. Streaming now on Showtime (US) and Paramount+ (UK).

Shadow and Bone

ZoĆ« plays Baghra, a stern teacher, in this major new fantasy series based on Leigh Bardugoā€™s bestselling Grishaverse novels. Series one is streaming now on Netflix, and series two wrapped earlier this year.

The Cleaner

Zoƫ guest stars in an episode in the second series of BBC One's black comedy about a crime scene cleaner, which is currently in production.

Criminal Record

Zoƫ plays the mother of a young detective reinvestigating an old murder case in this crime drama series for Apple TV+. Filming began in the summer.


First look: Zoƫ as Baghra in Netflix Shadow and Bone

20 March 2021 01:41

Netflix has released a short yet compelling clip from fantasy epic Shadow and Bone, featuring Zoƫ as Baghra, as well as a photo from the series (you can click on it for a larger version). This is the first time we've seen her in the role, and doesn't she look brilliant!

In the video, the mysterious Baghra is teaching heroine Alina Starkov (played by Jessie Mei Li) how to harness her incredible powers. 'Bring the light,' Baghra growls before striking Alina's knuckles. Ouch!

'Baghra does not mess around,' remarked Leigh Bardugo, the author of the Grishaverse novels that inspired the series, in response to the clip.

Shadow and Bone fans have greeted this introduction to Baghra with great enthusiasm. Here are a few tweets that caught my eye:

'Zoƫ Wanamaker as Baghra is iconic' - @alliejademann

'zoƫ wanamaker as baghra is the best casting in the show hands down' - @zoyasrin

'Zoe Wanamaker as Baghra, living legend plays fantasy legend' - @hannsabel

There's just over a month to wait now until we can watch all eight episodes of Shadow and Bone, with Zoƫ set to appear in the third, 'The Making at the Heart of the World'. You can stream the show on Netflix from 23 April.

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