Killing Eve

ZoŽ appears in the second series of this darkly comic drama about the cat-and-mouse game between an intelligence agent and notorious assassin. It comes to BBC One and the iPlayer on 8 June.

Two Ladies

The world premiere of Nancy Harris' play, which stars ZoŽ as the wife of a head of state during a major crisis, will be staged at London's Bridge Theatre from 14 September to 26 October.


Sky's epic drama about the Romans invading ancient Britain, starring ZoŽ as vengeful Queen Antedia, returns for a second series this autumn.


ZoŽ to speak at Oxford and Cambridge Unions in May

30 April 2019 00:24

ZoŽís Oxbridge fans will be delighted to hear that sheís been invited to speak at both the Cambridge Union and Oxford Union, the prestigious university debating societies, in May.

Her talk in Cambridge is scheduled for Wednesday 1 May at 7 pm. A profile of ZoŽ appears in the Unionís Easter Term Card, and the event has attracted the attention of The Cambridge Student (TCS) newspaper.

TCS published a brilliant interview with ZoŽ when she last spoke at the Cambridge Union, in 2012. Discussing her hopes for the future, Zoe remarked, ĎIíd still like to be working, and Iíd still like to have fun.í With so many exciting roles in recent years, from playing poet Stevie Smith on stage to a senior intelligence official in TVís transatlantic hit Killing Eve, she certainly seems to be achieving her ambition.

On Wednesday 29 May at 5 pm, itíll be the turn of Oxford Union members to hear ZoŽ discuss her life and career. Sheís no stranger to this Union either, having spoken there on a few previous occasions, most recently in 2017. Helpfully, the whole of the 2017 Q&A is available to watch via Oxford Unionís YouTube channel.

I'm sure that all fans attending the Oxbridge talks will enjoy them. Iím also sure youíll have some excellent questions ready for ZoŽ!

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