Killing Eve

ZoŽ appears in the second series of this darkly comic drama about the cat-and-mouse game between an intelligence agent and notorious assassin. It comes to BBC One and the iPlayer on 8 June.

Two Ladies

The world premiere of Nancy Harris' play, which stars ZoŽ as the wife of a head of state during a major crisis, will be staged at London's Bridge Theatre from 14 September to 26 October.


Sky's epic drama about the Romans invading ancient Britain, starring ZoŽ as vengeful Queen Antedia, returns for a second series this autumn.


ĎItís time to lose controlí: Britannia series two trailer

14 April 2019 22:56

Ready for your first glimpse of ZoŽís Queen Antedia in Britannia series two? This trailer has just been released by Sky Atlantic Ė and itís a corker!

ĎItís time to lose controlí Ė thatís the second seriesí tagline, suggesting we can expect even more chaos and excitement second time around from Jez Butterworthís epic drama about the Romans invading ancient Britain.

Losing control, in another sense, is exactly what happened to Antedia in the first series. We last saw her imprisoned and alone, and she doesnít appear to be faring much better now. (As Digital Spy puts it, 'Antedia is still chilling in the dungeon'!) Will she claw her way back to power in series two? Or has she lost too much to have any hope of recovery?

The trailer confirms the Radio Timesí suggestion that Britannia is set to return to our screens this autumn. So thereís still quite some time to go before we can learn Antediaís fate during the course of ten thrilling episodes. But as the saying goes, good things come to those who wait.

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