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Zoë appears in the second series of this darkly comic drama about the cat-and-mouse game between an intelligence agent and notorious assassin. Episodes are currently airing on BBC America.


Sky's epic drama about the Romans invading ancient Britain, starring Zoë as vengeful Queen Antedia, returns for a second series this autumn.


Why working with Zoë is ‘such a joy’ for Annabel Scholey

29 April 2018 19:50

In an interview with the Yorkshire Post, up-and-coming actress Annabel Scholey discusses the ‘joy’ of working with Zoë on stage and TV.

‘Zoe and I became friends pretty instantly [during the 2013 West End production of Passion Play] and as a young actress I was really flattered that not only did she ask my opinion, but that she seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say. She was such a mentor and a great support.’

More recently, Zoë and Scholey played two of the most formidable characters in Sky Atlantic’s epic historical drama Britannia: Queen Antedia and Amena, respectively. It’s an experience Scholey is particularly keen to repeat in the show’s second series, due to air in 2019. ‘I’d walk over coals to work together again in Britannia and that was such a joy, because if nothing else I know that she will make me laugh.’

Scholey’s enthusiastic comments here echo the interview she gave last month to The Mail on Sunday, in which she praised Zoë as one of her ‘amazing friends’ in the acting industry.

Let’s hope they have many more opportunities to work so happily together.

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