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Sky's epic drama about the Romans invading ancient Britain, starring ZoŽ as vengeful Queen Antedia, returns for a second series this autumn.


Learn to fly with ZoŽís Madam Hooch in new Hogwarts Mystery app

26 April 2018 23:03

Now that the Hogwarts Mystery role-play app is available from Google Play and iTunes, Harry Potter fans around the world have the chance to enrol at the famous school for witches and wizards, where theyíll meet ZoŽís Madam Hooch herself.

If youíre as sharp-eyed as she is, youíll first spot the formidable games mistress in the spectacular Great Hall, shortly before being Ďsortedí into your Hogwarts house. After a spot of wand-waving, brewing potions and (of course!) a near-death experience, the time has come to attend the first yearsí first flying lesson.

Hogwarts Mysteryís designers have created an engaging, impressive virtual world. I think that Madam Hooch looks almost as tough, eagle-like and spiky-haired here as ZoŽ does when portraying the character in the first Harry Potter film (the bird-of-prey eyes are a particularly good match). ĎVirtualí Hooch is similarly adept at flying a broomstick, too.

Much of the dialogue in the app appears as text on screen rather than being spoken aloud (ĎDo not lean too far to one side or you will surely fall to your deathí is one piece of advice from the flying instructor that Hogwarts students wonít forget in a hurry!), but youíll hear ZoŽís distinctive voice from time to time. And look out for the invitation to discuss Hoochís hair Ė well, it is rather magnificent!

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Important discussion in one\u2019s first flying class.\u26a1\ufe0f

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My knowledge of the Harry Potter novels and films is far from encyclopaedic, but I had no trouble immersing myself in Hogwarts Mystery. So, whether youíre a self-proclaimed Potterhead or life at Hogwarts really is a mystery to you, Iíd say give this new app a try and see if you can impress Madam Hooch with your flying skills.

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