ZoŽ stars as Gail, part of a trio of childhood friends rocked by tragedy, in this six-part drama series, which is available to watch on Acorn TV, the ITV Hub and STV Player. You can also order the Region 2 DVD.

The Birthday Party

ZoŽ stars as seaside landlady Meg in this 5* West End revival of Pinter's darkly comic masterpiece, which runs from 9 January to 14 April at the Harold Pinter Theatre. Tickets are available from ATG.


ZoŽ stars as vengeful Queen Antedia in this epic nine-part drama series about the Roman invasion of ancient Britain, which is available on Sky Atlantic, NOW TV and Amazon Prime Video. You can also preorder the Region 2 DVD.

Inside No. 9

ZoŽ guest stars as waspish awards judge Paula in 'And the Winner Is...', an episode from this cult comedy-drama's fourth series available on the BBC iPlayer and Amazon Video. You can also order the Region 2/4 DVD.


Celebrating an inspiring woman on International Womenís Day

8 March 2018 20:18

One of the aims of International Womenís Day is to highlight womenís achievements, so Iíd like to celebrate one of the most inspiring women working today. No prizes for guessing who that is!

Iíve been a fan of ZoŽ since she appeared in a TV adaptation of David Copperfield when I was 14, way back in 1999. In a star-studded cast, ZoŽ stood out for me. I was soon watching many of ZoŽís other projects with equal enthusiasm. Over the years, that enthusiasm has never waned.

ZoŽ is an incredibly gifted actress Ė my 15 favourite moments from her screen work, which I chose to celebrate the websiteís 15th anniversary last year, really showcase her talent and versatility. Sheís also kind, witty, compassionate and hard-working, with the best laugh youíll ever hear.

Those qualities Ė and many others Ė are among the reasons why I look up to her. ZoŽ inspires me, and as youíve taken the time to read this, the chances are that she inspires you too.

And weíre not the only ones celebrating ZoŽís achievements today. Take a look at what the Harold Pinter Theatre, where sheís currently appearing in The Birthday Party, and her former drama school, Central, have to say.


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