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ZoŽ appears in the second series of this darkly comic drama about the cat-and-mouse game between an intelligence agent and notorious assassin. Episodes are currently airing on BBC America.


Sky's epic drama about the Romans invading ancient Britain, starring ZoŽ as vengeful Queen Antedia, returns for a second series this autumn.


ZoŽ chats about Ďone of the happiest experiencesí of her career, plus lots more news

8 March 2018 02:18

ĎOne of the happiest experiencesí of ZoŽís career

Hereís ZoŽ pictured with Toby Jones, her co-star in the West End revival of The Birthday Party, at the BBC Radio 2 studios last Saturday. Youíll find another photo of them on Radio 2ís website.

During a chat with presenter Paddy OíConnell, they explored the tension at the heart of Harold Pinterís classic play, in which mysterious strangers arrive at a seaside boarding house. ĎI think thereís a danger about it,í ZoŽ pointed out. Toby Jones agreed, emphasising that much of The Birthday Partyís humour comes from Ďthe laughter of anxietyí.

The strangers encourage ZoŽís Meg, the Ďguilelessí landlady, to throw a party for her washed-up lodger Stanley (Jones), even though heís adamant itís not his birthday. Fun and games then take a cruel, unpredictable turn...

Although The Birthday Party is dark and disturbing, the atmosphere off-stage is, thankfully, more relaxed! In fact, ZoŽ described working on this five-star production as Ďone of the happiest experiences Iíve ever hadí.

If you missed the radio show, donít worry, as you can catch up on the BBC iPlayer for the next few weeks. (The interview begins about an hour and a half into the programme.)

Thereís also just over a month left to catch The Birthday Party at London's Harold Pinter Theatre. It runs until 14 April, and some tickets are still available. The reviews have been fantastic!

ZoŽ lends her support to the LSN and Tree Aid

ZoŽ is backing Sock It to Lymphoedema, an annual campaign to increase awareness about this chronic condition affecting the lymphatic system, as well as raise funds for the Lymphoedema Support Networkís vital work.

Several other well-known supporters, including Judi Dench, are pictured on the LSNís website wearing odd socks as part of the campaign.

In addition, ZoŽ is the narrator of an engaging new animation from Tree Aid, another charity of which sheís a patron. The video explains why trees can mean the difference between life and death in the drylands of Africa.

I think Tessa and her colleagues at SEED in Love Hurts would certainly approve of Tree Aidís work, donít you!

ZoŽís most memorable holidays

ZoŽ recently spoke to the Mail on Sunday about some of her most memorable holidays Ė including her honeymoon, when the hotel didnít quite live up to its name...

ĎMy husband Gawn was working on a play in Wales at the time but had a day off, so we married in London and then caught the train back to the Majestic Hotel, where he was staying. On the train we had breakfast in a relatively plush cabin and when we got to the hotel we were given a bottle of champagne. Theyíd put out balloons, too. But our room was right by the car park. It was far from majestic.í

Unforgettable portrait of Queen Antedia

Feast your eyes on this stunning portrait of ZoŽ as the formidable Queen Antedia in Skyís epic Britannia. Itís by Alberto Reyes Francos, an incredibly talented illustrator who produces jaw-dropping TV and film-themed images.

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