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Video and photos: ZoŽ chats about rehearsing her first musical since 1975 and appears in Zorba! cast pics

30 April 2015 00:24

With the first performance of Zorba! now just days away, New York City Center has released this great video, featuring press rehearsal footage and interviews with ZoŽ and other cast members.

ZoŽ points out that Zorba! is actually the first musical she has appeared in since very early on in her career. During the 1970s, she performed in Guys and Dolls (1972), Cabaret (1974) and Kiss Me Kate (1975). And she is clearly thrilled to have the opportunity to revisit musical theatre, for what will be her first appearance in a Broadway musical. She emphasises: 'I'm laughing a lot; I'm having a great time.'

Her enthusiasm is a source of delight to the choreographer, Josh Rhodes, who remarks: 'ZoŽ Wanamaker Ė she's just the dearest one in rehearsal [...] you should see her face! She just stops and giggles, and just says, ''Oh, pinch me Ė I'm in a musical!'''

ZoŽ and her castmates certainly look happy in City Center's newly released Zorba! publicity photos, which I have permission to reproduce here. The photos are by the talented photographer Joan Marcus. (Please click on each image to see the full version.)

Zorba! runs from 6-10 May. Tickets are available now.

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