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'Great Sex Is Rare in a Sitcom' - Zoë Wanamaker on the Return of My Family

Naomi West Telegraph, 2010-07-02

'Critics have never quite been able to fathom what makes BBC One’s sitcom My Family so popular.  They call the show a 'dinosaur' but that didn’t stop almost seven million viewers chortling along happily during its ninth series last year.  But Zoë Wanamaker, who plays spirited mum and art gallery employee Susan Harper opposite Robert Lindsay’s grumpy dentist dad Ben, has a theory about its appeal.  'They are a couple that has been together a long time and still clearly love each other and have great sex.  That’s rare in a British sitcom - or come to think of it, in any marriage,' she says, adding impishly, 'We always found the best scenes were written for the bedroom.  They were the most fun.'

You can read more of '''Great Sex Is Rare in a Sitcom'' - Zoe Wanamaker on the Return of My Family' on the Telegraph website.

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