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The Raggedy Rawney (1988)

The Raggedy Rawney

A film by Bob Hoskins and Nicole De Wilde, released in 1988.

Running time: 1 hour and 43 minutes


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Fleeing from the army during wartime, Tom disguises himself as a young woman in the hope of evading capture by his superiors.  Upon meeting a band of travellers, he is mistaken for a kind of witch - or 'rawney' - and treated with a mixture of awe and fear by the deeply superstitious group. 

Elle and her illegitimate son, Simon, are shunned by many of their fellow travellers, who believe that the boy's disability is punishment for his mother's sins.  When the rawney saves Simon from being attacked, Elle takes pity on the strange, silent new addition to the group. 

Jessie, the leader Darky's daughter, soon discovers Tom's true identity, with disastrous consequences.


Tom ... Dexter Fletcher
The Soldier ... Jim Carter
The Farmer\'s Wife ... Veronica Clifford
The Farmer ... Ian McNeice
The Little Girl ... Jennifer Platt
The Officer ... Gawn Grainger
Darky ... Bob Hoskins
Elle ... Zo Wanamaker
Simon ... Timothy Lang
Jessie ... Zo Nathenson
Jake ... J.G. Devlin
Weazel ... Ian Dury
Becky ... Rosemary Martin
Vie ... Jane Wood


Director: Bob Hoskins
Producer: Bob Weis
Associate Producer: Garth Thomas
Executive Producers: George Harrison and Denis O'Brien
Cinematography: Frank Tidy
Production Designer: Jir Matoln
Costume Designer: Theodor Pistek
Music: Michael Kamen


Zo appears in the film alongside her husband, the actor and writer Gawn Grainger.

As a bleak exploration of the effects of war on a band of travellers, The Raggedy Rawney can be compared to Mother Courage and Her Children, a play in which Zoe appeared in 1984.

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