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The Dark (2001)

A short animated film by Gareth Love, released in 2001.

Running time: 7 minutes


The Dark focuses on the Bogeyman and his apprentice, who struggle to cope with the technological advances that have made scaring children much trickier than in days gone by.  As they drown their sorrows at the King's Arms, a pub frequented by other fantastical figures, they find that their tooth fairy friend is not faring much better.

You can watch The Dark online.


Bogeyman ... Richard Johnson
Bogeyman's Apprentice ... Neil Stuke
Sooz, the Tooth Fairy ... Zo Wanamaker
Vampire/Barman ... David Phelan
Ghost/Werewolf ... Bill Petrie
Boy ... Joshua Sneesby


Writer/Animator/Director: Gareth Love
Producer: Teun Hilte
Production Designer: Olivia Mole
Puppet design: The Puppet Factory
Sets and Models: Olivia Mole, Nicci Pennicott, Gareth Love, Gloria Hernandez, Frank Love, Brian Riley, and Na Love
Director of Photographer: Gavin Struthers
Film Editor: Rory Griffin
Music: Alisdair Reid
Musician: Nick Meredith (violin)

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