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Five Children and It (2004)

Five Children and It

A children's film by David Solomons, adapted from the novel by E. Nesbit, and released on 15 October 2004.

Also known as: 5 Children & It

Running time: 1 hour and 25 minutes


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With special thanks to ZoŽ, Vanessa, and Kerrie for these behind-the-scenes photos.


While their parents help with the war effort, five children are sent to stay with their eccentric Uncle Albert and his peculiar son, Horace. 

At the uncle's mansion, quirky housekeeper Martha warns the siblings to avoid the greenhouse.  Curious, they explore it anyway, and are amazed to discover a secret pathway leading to a beautiful cove.  There the sandfairy, a mystical, wish-granting creature, awaits them. 

Shrewder than she initially appears, Martha probably knows more about the children's magical discovery than she admits, even lending a helping hand when their wishes wreak havoc!


The Psammead ... Eddie Izzard (voice)
Robert ... Freddie Highmore
Anthea ... Jessica Claridge
Jane ... Poppy Rogers
Cyril ... Johnathan Bailey
Lamb (the baby) ... Alec and Zak Muggleton
Horace ... Alexander Pownall
Uncle Albert ... Kenneth Branagh
Martha ... ZoŽ Wanamaker
Mother ... Tara Fitzgerald
Father ... . Alex Jennings
Sergeant ... John Sessions
Nesbit ... Norman Wisdom


Five Children and It Region 1 DVD

Five Children and It Region 2 DVD

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