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Amy Foster (1997)

Amy Foster

A film by Tim Willocks, adapted from the short story by Joseph Conrad, and released in 1997. 

Alternative title: Swept from the Sea

Running time: 1 hour and 49 minutes


Amy Foster, a deeply imaginative, introverted young woman, endures a miserable existence in a remote Cornish village.  Her embittered mother treats her harshly, while her father is angered by his daughter's unusual behaviour.  Only James Kennedy, the local doctor, realises that Amy is in fact very special.

When a ship carrying immigrants is wrecked off the coast in a terrible storm, the majority of people in this superstitious community are reluctant to help the sole survivor, Yanko Gooral.  Only with the assistance of the more enlightened residents - including Amy and Dr Kennedy - can Yanko begin to build a new life for himself. 

When he and Amy fall in love, their affair has far-reaching consequences.


Amy Foster ... Rachel Weisz
Isaac Foster ... Tom Bell
Mary Foster ... Zo Wanamaker
Dr James Kennedy ... Sir Ian McKellen
Yanko Gooral ... Vincent Perez
Stefan ... Ellis Fernandez
Mr Swaffer ... Joss Ackland
Miss Swaffer ... Kathy Bates
Mr Smith ... Tony Haygarth
Mrs Smith ... Fiona Victory
Mr Wilcox ... William Scott-Masson
Mrs Wilcox ... Eve Matheson


Director: Beeban Kidron
Producers: Polly Tapson, Charles Steel and Beeban Kidron
Associate Producer: Devon Dickson
Executive Producers: Garth Thomas and Tim Willocks
Cinematography: Dick Pope
Production Designer: Simon Holland
Costume Designer: Caroline Harris
Original Music: John Barry


Amy Foster/Swept from the Sea Region 1 DVD

Amy Foster/Swept from the Sea Region 1 DVD

Amy Foster by Joseph Conrad

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